QR Codes are the DIRECT LINK to the Mobile Video Solution!

As a Quick Reach Media Reseller, you are required to maintain an account for our QR Code Generator and Analytics platform. This application is the most robust, lowest cost platform available on the market. In addition to creating multiple QR Codes for your clients’ Mobile Video Solution packages, you will have the ability to create many different types of QR Codes to be deployed for all manner of Social Media engagement and other purposes. It’s a great profit center and very effective for SMS opt-ins and information access.



Since their inception in Japan 17 years ago, the QR Code has swept across Asia and Europe in recent years. In the U.S. and Canada, the QR Code has become increasingly popular-and useful-for all types of mobile content deployment. Although they are initially generated in black and white, the QR Code can be easily customized (using simple Photoshop steps) to create an irresistible enticement for consumers!

Custom QR Codes TOP PANEL

Custom QR Codes can be designed in a variety of layouts to bring your client’s brand to life!

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Custom QR Codes that WORK!

Why would anyone print even BUSINESS CARDS without the incredible branding message of the Mobile Video Solution?

QR Code Business Cards