The Quick Reach Media Reseller Program gives you unprecedented flexibility, 

HD Video and the #1 QR Code platform in the industry!

Reseller Program Features:

  • Administrative access to the Dynamic Mobile Solution publishing and editing platform
  • State of the art “drag and drop” app button feature editor
  • Wholesale access to HD Video production-we do it all from script to final cut.
  • QR Code generator with robust analytics and tracking capabilities
  • Lowest industry wholesale pricing on all components
  • Receive LEADS through our main product website and lead generation network in your area
  • Create a long-term hosting and support billing and help your clients maximize their mobile marketing NOW

Mobile Solution features

Get Set Up as a Quick Reach Media Reseller TODAY! 

It’s easy to set up and simple to use. Your Reseller Package includes:

  •  Your own Mobile Video Solution for marketing your new product with first year hosting paid
  • 3 Customized Product Videos! (We customize your logo intro and end tags for an incredible presentation in person and on the web)
  • Complete training and support for the platform portal, editor functions and video production protocols
  • Sales and Marketing support materials
  • Access to the complete video library of network client videos for demonstration purposes
  • QR Code Generator with tracking and analytics (separate subscriber account required)
  • Outstanding wholesale pricing, enabling you to make excellent margins on both the sale and ongoing hosting fees

We’re standing by to answer any questions you may have about this exciting, unique opportunity.

Please be sure to contact us via the APPLY NOW email form to speak to one of our specialists!